By The Pool

May 16, 2018

Amazing things happen when God starts stirring!

I Beg You

May 14, 2018

The mercies of God are the motivation to a life of sacrifice.

The Cup of Praise

May 5, 2018

You can live a life of praise to God, but you have to be taken by Him.

The Fruit Is Worth The Fight

April 29, 2018

God's promises for you are so good that He wants to give you a glimpse into what He has planned for you!

What Do You See?

April 26, 2018

If you're going to really get free, there are some things you need to see.

Bricks & Baskets

April 10, 2018

God promises to save us from under the weight of our burdens. Are you ready to give Him your mud?

The Four Cups: When I See The Blood

April 3, 2018

Jesus fulfills the Old Testament Passover meal.

The Right Place And Time

March 13, 2018

Kids pastor, Eddie Jones, and pastor Harry share about the importance of being near the presence of God.

Addiction Must Fall

March 8, 2018

Addiction wraps around us like an ill-fitting armor. It claims to prepare us for survival, but never permits us to experience victory. It's time to lay down the giant of addiction!

Anger Must Fall

March 5, 2018

Pastor Harry deals with one of the most prominent giants that we face today - Anger. Where does anger come from? What is its intended purpose? How has Christ overcome this giant?