Don’t Miss Your Moment: If You Knew Who

May 22, 2017

Your concept of God affects your prayer life. Do you really know Who you're talking to?

Don’t Miss Your Moment: The Power Of An Encounter

May 15, 2017

Pastor Harry preaches about the "Woman At The Well" and how one encounter with God can change your life. Don't miss your moment!

Four Cups: I Will Take You

May 15, 2017

Have you been taken by God? You really start to live when you give up your life for the One who gave it all up for you!

Four Cups: I Will Redeem You

May 1, 2017

Pastor Harry preaches about the God of the detour. 

Four Cups: I Will Free You

April 24, 2017

What can you do when your old enemy shows up again in your life? Can you ever be truly free? Pastor Harry shares about how God takes us through the process of deliverance.

Four Cups: I Will Bring You Out

April 18, 2017

Pastor Harry teaches on the first promise of God, the promise of freedom. It's available to you. Have you experienced it?

Four Cups: The Lamb Of God

April 11, 2017

Ever feel empty? Listen as Pastor Harry preaches about Jesus, our Passover Lamb, who brings fulfillment to our empty religion.

The Glue Of Marriage

April 5, 2017

Pastors Harry and Rowena talk about the power of covenant. 

Take The Land: If You Can See It

March 29, 2017

Pastor Harry preaches on the importance of vision.

Kid Sunday: Order Affects Outcome

March 21, 2017

Pastor Eddie and Pastor Harry share about priorities.