Tougher Than Hell: Strength, Struggle, Something, And Someone

August 16, 2017

In Matthew 16:18, Jesus said that He would build His church in such a way that all of hell would come against it, but wouldn't be able to defeat it. In other words, He wants to make us Tougher Than Hell. 

3 Keys To Prayer

August 8, 2017

In Luke 11, Jesus was asked about prayer. His response is powerful and perhaps surprising.

Just Dig: Expectation And Excavation

August 2, 2017

We "Expect great things from God and attempt great things for God."

Just Dig: Work While You Wait

July 18, 2017

Most success stories seem to happen "over night". Yet, who knows how long that "night" can be? The real question is, can you dig in the dark?

Just Dig: It’s A Water Fight

July 15, 2017

You'll never get public victory without personal vitality. Don't fight thirsty when God has water ready to pour out to you.

Just Dig: The Value Of The Valley

July 5, 2017

Pastor Harry starts a new sermon series from 2 Kings chapter 3 about the kind of faith that can start preparing for the blessing that God hs promised. First, what if God brought you to a valley to bless you?

Don’t Miss Your Moment: Be The Bucket

June 20, 2017

Pastor Harry preaches on what God wants to do inside of each of us.

Don’t Miss Your Moment: Are You Available?

June 14, 2017

God's looking for people who are available. Are you avilable?

Don’t Miss Your Moment: The Answer Is Yes

June 6, 2017

One of the reasons we miss our moment is because we believe our moment has already passed. The good news is that God waits for us because His already-determined-answer to you is YES.

Jesus On A Bad Day (Special Guest: Tommy Tenney)

June 6, 2017

A powerful message about a passionate Jesus from our special guest, Tommy Tenney!