Binding And Loosing

August 30, 2018

Jesus is building His church! Listen as Pastor Harry teaches on how He builds us - through binding and loosing.


August 28, 2018

Pastor Eddie speaks on a powerful way to get to the Me that God created you to be - Imitation. Between "Me:" and "Also me:" is someone who is "Like me".

Super + Natural

August 19, 2018

God's super grace, plus our natural obedience, creates a supernatural environment where miracles can happen!

Potential Takes Patience

August 10, 2018

Many of us feel the tension between the "Me" we are called to be and the "Also me" we are living. Can God take you from where you are to where you are called to be? Absolutely! ...but it's going to require some patience. Listen as Pastor Harry teaches on the importance of being patient with the process.

How To Feel Better After Failure

August 1, 2018

Potential isn't permanent. Like Simon, we often revert to what is familiar. How do we get back to where we should be? Jesus can help the truth we know become the truth we feel.

You’ve Got Potential

July 25, 2018

All of us have a ME and an ALSO ME, but when God sees us He calls out our potential. He knows the ME you were meant to be!

People Are Worth It

July 17, 2018

Pastor Harry preaches on the core values of City Chapel. You need to hear this.

I’m So Done

July 10, 2018

Oh the joy of being done! Pastor Harry preaches about finding joy in the middle of pain.

The Push Of Pain

July 4, 2018

One of God's best love languages to us is pain. If you can hear Him in your pain, you can find your purpose.

How To Forgive God

June 26, 2018

One of the greatest barriers to hearing from God is the secret offense we often hold against Him. Anyone who walks with Jesus will have the opportunity to be disappointed in Him, but there's a blessing reserved for those who can trust Him in the dungeon.